Free UK Phone Numbers

Our Pure Numbers give you UK VoIP access numbers, fax-to-email or advanced international number translation at no cost!

We offer UK 0843, 0871 and 0700 prefixes, all being completely FREE to obtain and use. We receive a small share of revenue on incoming calls which enables us to allow forwarding of calls to many destinations free of charge. You can set multiple destinations to route calls most effectively.

All numbers can forward to VoIP or Fax as well as most international phones. Any faxes received are simply emailed to you as PDFs

You can add, remove, and repoint numbers instantly at any time using our simple control panel from within your browser.

Calls will be accepted if economically viable but may be rejected at certain times of day depending on the type of number and where the number is set to forward to. If this is likely to affect your chosen choice of destination(s) a warning will be presented when configuring the number.